What is Talking TB?

Talking TB is a multilingual patient support app intended for TB affected individuals and their families, healthcare providers and health workers. Developed as a response to the needs of TB affected communities, this patient friendly app in 4 languages (Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Malayalam) and intends to provide TB affected individuals and families with relevant information on various aspects of TB.

It is part of the larger programme टीबी पे चर्चा  (Talking TB) and includes a set of patient education films and a patient support materials.


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Talking TB has been released for Android devices. We invite end users, experts and all those interested in TB related issues. This program was developed through wide-ranging consultations with survivors and affected individuals. The application addresses issues of diagnosis, treatment, side- effects and even stigma.

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iOS version will be made available soon.


Patient Education Films

Part of टीबी पे चर्चा, this set of multi-lingual films, is targeted at TB affected individuals, their families, health workers and the medical community. With actual survivors as protagonists, these films offer information and advice on all critical aspects of TB including- stigma, nutrition, side effects, treatment in both public and private sectors.


Survivors Against TB

The initiative has been led by Survivors Against TB and features actual TB survivors as the protagonists who provide information basing it on their stories and experiences.

Our Goal.

Our goal in launching  टीबी पे चर्चा is to empower patients and their families to address TB effectively. As a survivor led initiative, we know that individuals and communities affected by TB often lack sufficient information on basic aspects of TB such as treatment, how to manage side-effects, nutrition and deal with stigma. Through this program, we aim to provide relevant information that is critical when it comes to dealing with TB. 

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About SATB.

SATB is a community based movement that is led by of a group of TB survivors who are working to strengthen India’s fight against TB. These survivors both understand and have the lived the experience of surviving TB in its severest forms and understand the social, economic and cultural circumstances in which individuals address TB. Based on these experiences these survivors advocate with key stakeholders on the changes necessary to make TB care more accessible and patient centric in India.


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